SeaPort Short ‘n’ Sweet Story Contest Winners

The votes are in for our SeaPort Short ‘n’ Sweet Story contest.  Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter–we received many enjoyable stories and it was difficult to choose from among them.  Congratulations to our winners, who will each receive two round trip ticket vouchers for use on SeaPort Airlines:

  • Topic #1 Winner (Write about your favorite experience with SeaPort Airlines): Mary Cargill
  • Topic #2 Winner (Write about what you’d do with two round trip tickets on SeaPort): Marc Sheforgen

A third entry was selected as an honorable mention for their creativity; this contestant will receive one round trip ticket voucher to use on SeaPort Airlines: Jean R. Hadley.

Again, a big congratulations to our winners!  And now for the winning entries (posted below):

Winning Entry #1:

Here’s my short and sweet story. My daughter came for a weekend visit from Portland, OR via SeaPort Airlines into Pendleton, OR. Since I live in La Grande, OR, I have a bit of a drive over the Blue Mountains to pick her up at the airport in Pendleton. After picking her up, we headed home for a lovely visit. She was able to catch up with her siblings, hang out with old friends, and have some mom and dad time. Her visits never seem long enough and it was time to go. Over the Blues we went again to the airport. I sat with her while she waited to board the plane. We chatted and laughed about the weekend. I loved the extra time we were able to share. Her name was called, we gave each other a quick hug, and then she was off. As I drove back over the mountains, I thought about her and wondered about her flight. When I arrived home, the phone was ringing. It was my daughter, telling me she had a wonderful flight and was safely home. I laughed and told her I just arrived home. It had only been an hour! Although her visit was only a weekend, SeaPort Airlines gave us several more hours to visit and relax. The drive from Portland to La Grande takes about 4 hours. Although I wish she lived closer, SeaPort Airlines helped shorten the distance and made the visit sweeter. Thanks!

Winning Entry #2:

My wife and I are huge fans of traditional blues. We collect blues LPs and catch legendary artists every chance we get. But living in Salina, Kansas, our opportunities are quite limited. So, with two roundtrip airline tickets from SeaPort Airlines, my decision on what to do would be simple: Take my wife to Memphis!

 There’s no better destination for a blues lover than Memphis, and my wife has never been. It’s perfect: SeaPort offers service between our home city of Salina and Memphis, the Home of the Blues. With just a brief layover in Kansas City, we could literally be cruising on Beale Street just four hours from when we left home. How cool is that?

 The Rum Boogie Café, B.B. King’s Blues Club, The Daisy, Blues City Café – we’d hit ‘em all. I’d love to take my wife to the old Sun Studios for a tour, not to mention the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum and the Gibson Guitar Factory. And BBQ at the Rendezvous? Then there are all the cool record shops – no city has more independent record shops than Memphis, especially if you’re looking for blues. Man, we’d have a blast. In fact, I can’t think of a better destination city for an airline than Memphis.

So, that’s my dream. Thanks, SeaPort, for going to Memphis. If you care to take my wife and me with you, we’ll be ready with our bags packed.

Honorable Mention (Poem):

SeaPort Airlines

Shiny white and blue planes
Fast and ready to go even in the rain.

Oh what a treat
You got us to Memphis in a heart beat.

You help El Dorado get out of a rut
By quickly flying us with a strut.

Thank you for being there
Now who doesn’t love to fly in the air!

Again, we appreciate everyone’s participation, and stay posted for more opportunities to win.  We run contests on Facebook, Twitter, and here on our blog.

About SeaPorter

SeaPort Airlines, Inc. offers scheduled passenger air service across 9 states. It’s air travel the way it should be – fast, friendly and convenient. Hometown service. Worldwide connections.
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