Steve Jobs’ Influence on Travel Industry

Apple founder Steve Jobs, the Bay Area-bred Buddhist, tech mogul and non-conformist who died on October 5, 2011, at age 56, had an outsize impact not only on technology in general, but on the travel industry.

Many travelers including me now regularly use travel-related applications built for Apple products. Maybe the iPhone was not the first smartphone that could access the Internet; however, it was a level ahead of its competitors in offering a fuller web experience. Now while traveling from one point to another many of us use Maps in our iPhones to find places easily, or just with 2-3 clicks on any booking app you find the best prices for your travel.

Now with the many apps, you can snap a picture in Istanbul and instantly share a beautiful view of Bosphorus with your friends and followers or you can review any hotel, restaurant or city with an app and decide to visit or not.

Moreover, travel companies; airlines, hotels, travel agencies, travel review websites introduce apps every day to increase their business. Many of them also connect their business with social media through those apps in order to reach more people than they ever could before.

In short, Apple’s devices pulled off the feat of making the world smaller, more personal, more connected. Steve Jobs influenced travel industry with his products that increase travel and bring more business for the industry. Apple controlled nearly a fifth of the smartphone market, or a share of 18.5 percent, as it shipped more than 20 million iPhones, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. Samsung Electronics wasn’t far behind, with 17.5 percent of the market share and 19.2 million smartphones shipped. Nokia fell to third, with its market share plunging by more than half to 15.2 percent from 38.1 percent in 2010.

via Steve Jobs’ Influence on Travel Industry.

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