AviNation News: SeaPort Airlines Launches Jonesboro-Kansas City Route

Jonesboro, Arkansas (January, 10th 2011) – SeaPort Airlines announced it will begin operating one daily round trip between Jonesboro, AR and Kansas City, MO. Passengers will now have the opportunity to make connections out of two major airports, Memphis International and Kansas City International. The new route is anticipated to drive more traffic in and out of Jonesboro Municipal Airport, and modifications to the schedule are expected to have a positive impact on overall service.  

SeaPort Airlines submitted a proposal to the Department of Transportation December 27th, requesting to alter the current service of three round trips per day between Jonesboro to Memphis to two round trips per day to Memphis and one round trip per day to Kansas City. The appeal was based on the overwhelming success of the similar service change for Harrison, Arkansas. The airline’s request was formally approved by the Department of Transportation on January 7, 2011. Service to Kansas City is projected to begin January 30, 2011, with fares starting at $89* each direction.

Flights from Jonesboro to Kansas City are scheduled to depart at 12:40 PM, with a returning flight at 2:30 PM. Departures from Memphis to Jonesboro are scheduled for 7:45 AM and 12:00 PM; flights returning from Jonesboro will depart at 8:25 AM and 4:10 PM, respectively.

“We are very excited to see the positive impact on traffic from Jonesboro. It is our goal at SeaPort to provide the best air service possible.” Says Rob McKinney—President SeaPort Airlines.

SeaPort Airlines prides itself on its outstanding air service. Customers can expect to encounter a unique travel experience from the moment they arrive for check-in at the terminal to the moment they reach their destination. Without the hassle of waiting in large lines, passengers may arrive just 20 minutes prior to departure. Customers can arrange to be met by a taxi upon landing, creating a smooth transfer to the doorstep of their final destination. All guests are met by friendly and skilled staff members, willing to answer questions and present a high-quality brand of customer service.

SeaPort Airlines is a scheduled commuter airline, operating over 100 total daily scheduled flights within Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Each location consistently provides passengers with efficient and convenient service. Reservations can be made by calling 888-573-2767 or visiting the SeaPort Airlines website at http://www.SeaPortAirlines.com.

About SeaPorter

SeaPort Airlines, Inc. offers scheduled passenger air service across 9 states. It’s air travel the way it should be – fast, friendly and convenient. Hometown service. Worldwide connections.
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