It’s About Time: The SeaPort Airlines Blog

On behalf of SeaPort Airlines…..

Happy New Year and Welcome to the SeaPort RePort!

Today marks the launching of our brand new travel blog.  We’ll not only keep you up-to-date on what goes on at SeaPort, but supply you with resources for all of your travel needs.

So what exactly can you expect from the SeaPort RePort this year?

SeaPort Stories–And a lot of them!  From turning a plane around to return keys for a passenger to practical joking among employees, we’ve got a library of SeaPort tales that will make you smile, laugh out loud, or tear up just a bit (warm fuzzies, anyone?).

AviNation News–Read fascinating travel, aviation, business, or SeaPort news, and be prepared to share your thoughts and opinions.  You may even see the occasional, unrelated why-can’t-I-tear-my-eyes-away unique story that will leave you wondering, “Did that really happen?!”

Baggage Cart–Will be bursting with helpful hints, articles, photographs, and other travel-related media to prepare you for your next excursion; whether you’re going on a two week vacation to Maui or a taking a short mental vacation during lunch, there will be something for everyone.

The Flying Briefcase–SeaPort will keep you updated on the latest and greatest in the business travel world.  Check out ebooks, links, articles, and other resources posted for you utilize between travels.  Learn how to do everything from prepare a better presentation to manage an interesting Facebook page, and beyond!

Just For Fun–Games, videos, puzzles, mobile app recommendations, and other intriguing materials to fill your time or share with your friends before or between flights.

And that’s just the beginning!

Sign up for a free e-mail subscription TODAY to get the most up-to-date SeaPort RePort posts featuring news, stories, travel tips, and more.

About SeaPorter

SeaPort Airlines, Inc. offers scheduled passenger air service across 9 states. It’s air travel the way it should be – fast, friendly and convenient. Hometown service. Worldwide connections.
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